• Average Weekly Cost of a Alamo Rental Car

    When you consider an Alamo rental car or truck for a week, knowing the average weekly rental price helps you decide whether to rent from this company. Further, different vehicle sizes fetch different prices and have different miles per gallon. If you are involved in an auto purchase decision, knowing the weekly rental prices helps you gauge how much time you can afford to rent a vehicle while looking for a purchase. American cities and foreign locations have different costs of living which translate to different overhead costs. Further, local, state or national taxes, fees and regulations vary among government jurisdictions which add to or subtracts from U.S. city prices.

    Coastal Regions are more expensive than the Midwest

    In the Unites States the coastal locations average greater prices for weekly vehicle rentals. For example, from the Douglas International Airport in Charlotte NC, an April Internet reservation for a weekly “midsize” Pontiac G5 rental goes for an estimated $648. This includes the base price of $477 with government tax add-ons of a Highway Use Tax ($44), U-drive it tax ($27) and various fees. On the West coast, renting from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) location in late January, the same midsize car fetches a weekly estimate price of $405 including taxes such as the 3.5% “tourism” fee. Midwestern cities offer less expensive rates than both coasts. A Pontiac G5 reserved on the Internet from the St Louis International Airport location in late January goes for an estimated total of $257 including fees and state taxes totaling about $57.

    Options Add to the Price

    Options the renter can purchase for a week include, for example, Underage primary driver (age 21 – 24) ($175), Infant Seat ($49), Child/toddler Seat ($49), Gps Navigation Device ($69), Roadside Plus ($35), Collision Damage Waiver ($154) and Extended Protection ($84). The renter, if he purchased all the options, could spend over $1200 on the Pontiac G5 rented from Charlotte.

    Bigger Vehicles or “Frills” Average Higher

    Naturally, bigger vehicles and sports cars will carry higher average prices than standard automobiles. A standard pickup truck, the Chevrolet Colorado, rented out of the Saint Louis International Airport in late January goes for $1200 per week plus $257 of taxes and fees bringing the total to $1457. This is several hundred dollars more than the midsize Pontiac rented from the same location. A Chrysler Sebring convertible rented from LAX has an estimated price of $397 base plus $111 in taxes and fees coming to $508, which is $100 more than the Pontiac G5 rented at LAX. 

    Take Advantage of International Destinations and Coupons

    The high value of the dollar and lower costs of living in foreign countries can make renting internationally attractive to the traveler. Sometimes you can rent from an international destination at a lower price than in the United States. Reserving on the Internet a midsize Pontiac G3 at Acapulco, Mexico in January fetches a base price of $173 with taxes and fees adding $54 to bring the total to $227, cheaper than many major cities in the U.S. This also includes a $25 coupon offered through the Alamo website “Hot Deals” tab. Explore the many coupons as they can affect weekly rental prices.

    Fuel Efficiency

    To factor in how much you will spend on gas, consider that midsize get about 30 mpg while trucks get about 22 mpg. At $3 per gallon, with an average of 500 miles per week, that would make a difference of about $24.

    Average prices vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle, location rented from, season and special discount offerings. Use resources including the Internet to shop around for the best deals. Whatever your destination, have fun exploring Alamo’s weekly rental offerings from small town America to the faraway reaches of Guam.