• Average Cost to Rent a Car with a Trailer

    The average cost to rent a car along with a trailer varies according to the size of trailer selected and the type of automobile rented. Although most companies offer competitive pricing on car rentals, U-Haul is one major trailer rental company that has a wide variety of trucks and trailers for rent. U-Haul also offers customers a free towing inspection to determine if the trailer selected suits the type of car in use.

    Renting Trailers

    The average cost of renting a trailer for an in-town move is calculated according to the type of trailer hitch system present, the trailers size or capacity, and the vehicle’s curb weight. The cost of a trailer rental for a 24 hour period ranges from $14 to $30, exclusive of taxes. Apart from trailers, U-haul offers customers the choice of renting moving trucks along with trailers, which make moving easier. The average cost of renting a truck with a trailer for a 24 hour period varies from $20 to $40 along with an additional per mileage rate of either $0.59/mile or $0.99/mile. The cost varies due to the size of the truck selected. Apart from taxes that aren’t included in the basic rate, customers are billed for late return of the truck or trailer and additional equipment selected. Customers can research their options by using the online reservation system.

    Website: http://reservations.uhaul.com/resweb01/?src=main

    Renting Moving Trucks

    Customers may also obtain moving trucks from certain car rental companies such as Budget. Although the rates vary according to the state and city of rental, the average cost of renting a moving truck from Budget is $17 to $34 a day. In addition, a mileage charge of $0.67/mile is added to the total cost of rental.

    Website: https://www.budgettruck.com/Home.aspx?partnerid=65&ICID=home_page_truck&IID=truck

    Most trailer rental companies have several locations that allow for convenient pick-up and drop-off. An additional fee is often charged for using a drop-off location that’s different from the pick-up location. Discounted rates are also available if customers make reservations online.