• Age Requirement to Rent a Car in Australia

    Many visitors need to rent a car in Australia to get around. Australia is over seven million square kilometers of “down under” scenery, with a large interior, commonly referred to as the the “outback”. A major attraction for visitors from all around the world. Being able to score wheels is key to these temporary trekkers. Going from the burgeoning coastal cities like Sydney and Perth, to the rough and wild topography of the rural interior that provides such a unique perspective to those who tour it.

    Age Requirements to Rent a Car in Australia

    Some established travel resources for Australia specify that a driver will generally need to be 21 years old to rent a car in Australia. Being under 25 years old, a driver may incur an additional “young rental” charge. Industry experts point out that the basic age requirement can vary according to car model. Australia also has a maximum rental age. According to informal reports, those over 75 years old may not be eligible for an Australian car rental contract.

    Some Australian Car Lingo

    Another good thing to know about going down under is that, though the official language of the region is English, it is not the English that American travelers or those who learned American based ESL may be used to. Some of the terms commonly used for vehicles, such as “bonnet” for hood, “lorry” for truck, and “tail back” for traffic jam, may confuse some visitors. Learn more from Australian travel sources before venturing into a rental car office in Australia, and be prepared for some of the differences that may apply in this area of the world.