• Advantages of Being a Budget Rental Car Member

    If you are a frequent customer of Budget rental car, then you should become a member. Budget offers 3 different levels of membership to its preferred customers and one of them is bound to be right for you. Budget memberships help you get discounts as well as get you into your car and on the road quicker. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of membership.

    Budget.com ID – This is the lowest level of membership with Budget and like all membership levels, it is free. Basically, the first time you use budget.com you are signing up for a Budget ID membership. The email address you use becomes your budget.com ID. You have to provide some basic information and choose a password. Each time you sign in using your budget.com ID, you will get a 10-20% discount on your rate under Budget’s Rent More, Save More program. Budget will keep track of your rental history and notify you of specials and discounts. You can sign in and check your Rent More Save More credits whenever you want.

    – The next level up from a basic ID is the RapidRez program. This allows you to make reservations online faster and get into the car quicker when you arrive at the rental counter. You must provide Budget with your rental car preferences but there is no charge for this program and there is no need to supply them with a credit card number. A RapidRez membership allows you to reserve a car using one-click booking. If you decide to add credit card information to your account it will expedite your rental even faster. You will receive 6 emails a year with discount offers if you opt in to their email program.

    – This is the highest level of service from Budget. It provides the easiest and quickest rental program available from Budget. It allows you to avoid lines at the car rental counter and go directly to your rental car. Fastbreak choice is available at many of the major airports. When Fastbreak choice is available, you simply check a monitor for your car details and then head directly to the car. There is no need to stop at the counter. Fastbreak Counter locations require a stop at the counter to quickly show them your license and grab the keys. A Fastbreak account requires that you store your credit card information with Budget as well as sign a Budget signtaure authorization. You will receive a promotional email every month with discounts and savings if you choose to receive email promotions.

    Becoming a Budget Rental Car Member can result in not only savings every time you rent a car but makes the rental process
    quicker and easier. One-click rentals and counter bypass are significant time savers for frequent car rental customers.