• How to Do a Quick Used Car Price Check Easily

    Doing a used car price check can be a very simple process with the use of the internet; there are many sites that have online listings of book values of cars. One of the more popular used car price list sites would be the Kelley Blue Book. Follow these simple steps in order to find a quick price check.

    The first thing you need to do is get on to the used car page. Do so by hitting the big red “GO” button to the right of used cars on the homepage.

    You then have a few options to choose from to start your search. If you know the exact car you are looking up, you can enter in the year, manufacturer, and exact model. If you only know a body style, such as a sedan, SUV, etc, you can see a group of cars. Lastly, if you are looking for cars in a specific price range you are looking to spend, you can set a range to see cars that are worth somewhere in your range.

    Mileage is important, as well as what specifications the car has. Then you can use the check boxes to check off any features that the car has. Standard features come preloaded.

    The last step is to get the value. The value will display the excellent condition by default, but chances are the car is one notch below at “Good”. That will give you a fair price.

    By using online tools, you can search your local area to find the best deals on used cars that meet your needs and budget. Remember that online used car prices are not always representative of what vehicles actually sell for. Online prices are still asking prices, so you may use them as a guideline to start your negotiations with a dealership. Another guide that can help pinpoint the true market value of a vehicle is eBay Motors. By checking recently completed auctions, you can see the exact prices dictated by the auction market. You can also use research completed on eBay Motors if you are in close negotiations with a dealership on a vehicle offered for sale.

    Traditional classifieds and dealership advertisements like those found in newspapers are also a good place to find cheap used cars. In large metro areas, hundreds of dealerships and private parties still offer their vehicles for sale in print media. These ads can give you a quick range of what a vehicle might be worth in your city or metro area. Another option to find used car prices is to find a pricing tool like those available from Kelley Blue Book. Whether you make use of their services online or in print, popular pricing guides offers local market pricing information for most major cities. By using such a guide, you can learn more about the trade-in value and the retail value of a vehicle whether it is listed by a dealership or a private seller.