• Where to Buy Professional Car Detailing Products

    There’s  much more to car detailing products than car shampoo and car wax from the hardware store. To detail a car fully is a strenuous business that requires plenty of elbow grease and different products. You can find good car detailing products at several types of retailers. Before you begin, however, you need to know what you ought to buy for the different steps.

    1 – Choosing Products

    For car shampoo you should never use dishwashing liquid. Instead you need to buy a proper car shampoo. You have to make sure it’s correctly mixed with water in the right proportions before applying it to the car body. Among car cleaning products, claying is a new technique. You spray on a clay detailer, then use a piece of clay lightly on the paint. It removes much of the deep dirt, like paint sap.

    From there you want to polish. Buy a very good polish and an orbital buffer. To go with the buffer you’ll need a polishing pad, a glazing pad, and a buffing pad. After polishing the car, it’s time to use car glaze, another of the many car detailing products. Apply as directed and use the glazing pad.

    Finally, you’re ready to wax the vehicle. Buy the very best quality wax. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a paste or liquid. The wax acts as a sealant to protect the paintwork, so the better the wax, the greater the protection.

    2 – Wheels

    For wheels and chrome, buy the best chrome cleaner. You want all the chrome to sparkle as much as the paintwork. You’ll also need a good cleaner and protectant for interiors such as the dashboard, to prevent sun fading.

    3 – Where To Buy

    Good auto parts stores will stock the best brands of auto detailing supplies. You can also ask the staff for advice. If they haven’t tried them themselves, they’ll know people who have, and can offer recommendations. Friends can also be a good source of information. If you know someone who restores cars, they will have favorite products. Talk to professional auto detailers, too.

    Paint shops will also stock car detailing products. Here, though, you’re likely to find a smaller selection of brands, generally limited to brands the shop uses. That in itself stands as a recommendation. You can also purchase auto detailing kits, with all the products from a single manufacturer.

    4 – Buying Online

    You can find the widest selection of car detailing products online. If you look around you’ll also be able to come up with the cheapest prices. You can find obscure brands that most people won’t stock, but which are perfect for some things, and by shopping online you don’t even have to leave the house.

    The downside is that you not only have to pay for postage, but also wait for the items to be delivered before you can begin detailing. Take your time over the process. It’s better to take longer and do a perfect job, especially if you plan on showing the car.