• When to Wax a New Car

    There are many myths regarding new car care that deal with when to wax a new car. There are theories that have evidence for both sides of the argument. However, with changes to the paint process by automotive manufacturers, the myth has been busted. You can now wax your car once you roll it off the showroom floor. The fact is, when you buy the car, it has already had a wax job, so that disproves it right there, as you can clearly wax a new car. To keep your car in great shape, many experts recommend three wax jobs per year. If you look inside your car, you can check out when it was actually made, and chances are, it was about three months before you bought it. That is only if you buy it once the manufacturer got the car. If it was sitting for a while, it could have been many more months since the last waxing. The reason you can wax cars right away now is due to the rigorous temperatures that they go through during the pain process. They are literally “cooked” in special oven-like devices that cure the paint. The paint is fully cured by the time it is in your hands, and this means it can then be waxed. It is recommended to wax your car pretty soon after you get it because it will protect it even more. It will also allow you to find if there are any problems with the paint on your car. Car detailing is an important step to car maintenance.