• What is Grit Guard and How Does It Work

    The new rage in the automotive paint and body care market is called Grit Guard. Grit Guard is sold in a number of ways, both online and at select retailers.

    What Is Grit Guard?

    Grit Guard is an innovative product that protects your car’s paint job from scratches and swirls that are often caused by dirt and grit in your wash water and mitt. You can input your zip code in a search to find a local retailer, if you’re wondering where to buy Grit Guard locally. One of the Grit Guard products available is called The Grit Guard Bucket System. You will receive a bucket, usually five gallon and wheeled. In this bucket you will place the Grit Guard device, which looks like an electric car cooling fan. The bucket system also comes with a padded seat that will support up to 250 pounds for working on the lower areas of your car without straining your back.

    How Grit Guard Works

    Even if you use an expensive lamb’s wool mitt, you can’t help but pick up grit and dirt with it that is suspended in your wash water. Every time that you dunk your wash mitt into the wash water, you pick up some of this grit. With the Grit Guard in place, you briskly rub your mitt over the device in the water, which will fluff it up and cause the grit to fall off. The device is circular and is divided into four sections, which causes the accumulated grit to slough off the mitt and sink to the bottom of the bucket and stay there. The design of the Grit Guard insert allows you to rinse your mitt and not disturb the water at the bottom of the bucket.

    Grit Guard is an automotive care product that is gaining in popularity.