• What Is a Laser Car Wash and What Are the Benefits

    A laser car wash is one that uses laser technology to clean your car. It is more effective than other touch-less car washes in removing dirt from the car’s surface. Besides this, there is no risk of damage that’s usually associated with the electronic scrubbing techniques used by other touch-less car wash facilities or with the use of brushes at conventional car wash facilities.

    Features of a Laser Car Wash

    A laser is a touch-free car wash that is equipped with touch-free cleaning products and touch-free car wash systems. These systems are very advanced technologically and won’t damage your vehicle. This state of the art system is easy to operate and provides a safe and clean way to get the best car wash for your vehicle. You simply have to drive the car into the facility and sit in the car while laser operated machines wash it. They also have a drying system which is operated by lasers.

    Benefits of a Laser Car Wash

    For a cost that varies from $6 to $10, you can have your car washed at a laser car wash and be assured that it will not be damaged or scratched while it’s being washed. There is a double soap application that ensures that the car is thoroughly washed. The high pressure laser-wash, spot free rinse and triple foaming polish leave you with a sparkling car. For a little extra, you can have the undercarriage of the car cleaned and the sides and wheels blasted to remove dirt from hard to reach areas. The use of temperature controlled detergent increases the effectiveness of the cleaning. Moreover, the nozzles are designed to provide maximum coverage and the high pressure cleaning technology ensures that the cleaning is superior to other car washes. No brushes are used in a laser car wash. Therefore, there is no risk of brush marks on the vehicle’s paint. Another advantage of a laser car wash is that there are no unnecessary equipments lying around that break the car’s mirrors or antenna.

    Disadvantages of a Laser Car Wash

    Although laser car washes claim to provide superior cleaning, all of the dirt is generally not removed when the car isn’t touched. Hard to remove dirt needs some touching and scrubbing to get dislodged. Since these facilities use high pressure water jets to clean the car, a lot of water is also wasted by laser car washes. Although most laser car washes claim to use eco-friendly products, their car cleaning products can still be harmful to the environment as strong chemicals are generally involved.

    A laser car wash is quite a unique experience for a car owner who can simply sit in the car and watch as the vehicle is moved along and cleaned without being touched. It’s a perfectly safe and easy way to clean a car without any of the hassles involved in cleaning the car at home or at a conventional car wash facility.