• The Benefits of Regular Automotive Maintenance

    Having regular automotive maintenance definitely has its benefits. Car maintenance is important for many reasons, and most of them are positive.


    Having your car go in for its normal check up is just like what we do when we have our yearly physicals. It makes sure that nothing is wrong, and if there are issues, you can then proceed to get them fixed. It will make your car reliable over the long haul because the maintenance will help diagnose any problems your car may have.


    Having scheduled maintenance done will only help keep the value of your car high. Letting problems slide or get worse will only cost you more money in the future. If you are looking to resell your car some time down the road, you will want to make sure it has no problems (or minimal problems). Keeping up with its maintenance will help this. 

    Increase Fuel Economy

    Doing several maintenance tasks can increase your fuel economy. Your tires should be checked every month. If they are not properly inflated, or have the wrong tire pressure, you can be losing fuel economy. If you get these fixed, you can see an improvement of 3-5%. Another part are the air filters and fuel lines. These need to be checked by a mechanic, but they can often have clogs or leaks. A clog in the air filter is like having a bad lung, and it can decrease fuel economy by as much as 15-20%. Fixing these two issues through maintenance can really save you money at the pump.