• Spray Car Wax vs Liquid or Paste

    If you have ever polished your car with a spray car wax you will know exactly what excellent results you get from it. If not, then you should give it a go. Spray car wax is an excellent product which allows you to spray as little or as much as you need. In the ‘less is more’ school of thought, spray wax, especially carnauba spray, is better when you use less of it.

    Spray Wax Plus Points

    Spray wax contains identical ingredients to paste and cream wax polishes. Spray wax offers excellent durability, outlasting many other paste or liquid waxes. Most sprays contain varying percentages of carnauba wax. The higher the concentrate, the longer the effectiveness. It will protect your vehicle for up to four months and give UV protection into the bargain. Spray wax also lasts considerably longer. A bottle of spray carnauba wax will last probably three times as long as a paste or a cream. We tend to get carried away when we get the car polish out and forget exactly how much we use.

    Traditional wax can be far more time consuming than spray waxes. Spray wax is easy and quick. It will save you about two thirds of the time it takes to use the old “wipe on, wipe off’ technique with a paste. Also, spray wax will protect your vehicles clear top coat. Basically it is car detailing made easy.

    Spray vs. Effort

    Spray car wax is simple to apply. Spray with one hand, wipe and polish with the other hand. It is truly that straightforward. Using spray wax also eliminates the need to use buffing machines. That is not to say you shouldn’t if you want to, but it is not necessary. The way that liquid spray wax is constituted makes it extremely easy to spread around and buff with a micro fiber cloth to bring an excellent shine to your paint work. Paste and creams require so much physical energy that by the time you are halfway finished polishing your car you might need a lie down. With spray wax car products you will not be reaching for the comfy chair half an hour into polishing.

    Pros and Cons

    It has been recommended that before you think about using a spray, you should first have your car professionally detailed with carnauba paste wax. Have it done by someone who is an expert in their field, because it will offer a deep level protection which will last even longer when you apply your subsequent coats of spray wax. In this particular instance a paste is probably preferable over a spray for the very reason that it will offer a base coat to any further layers of wax you place on it afterwards. This is probably why most professional detailers will use wax paste polish when they detail your car. They will use orbital buffers for a showroom exterior.