• Should You Buy Specialized Clear Coat Car Wax?

    Clear coat car wax is one of several options on the market that can be used to maintain your car’s paintwork. However, to decide whether it can prove beneficial, you will need to be aware of the qualities it has and what benefits it can provide.

    Paint Type

    Although clear coat car wax can be used with any type of car paint, it often produces the best result when used with clear coat paint. The substances that each contain work well together to produce a high-shine surface. Using a microfiber cloth with the wax can help to remove minor scuff marks and scratches that affect the paint.

    Specialist Paint Job

    When you have a specialized custom paint job on your car, you can highlight it with the use of clear coat car wax. In addition to enhancing the color of the paint, the wax will help to create a reflective surface that is ideal for display or if you put your car on show. Where your car is used for regular transportation purposes, you will find that the result produced by the use of clear coat wax is excessive.


    The main purpose for waxing the paintwork of your car is to protect it from damage, and clear coat car wax may not always be the best solution. There are a range of waxes that can be applied, whether by hand or with an automatic buffer, that will serve to protect the paint better and repel any debris and UV rays that can cause damage.