• Pros and Cons of Teflon Car Wax

    Teflon car wax has been given a very high standard. There are those who do not believe in its qualities, but results are what counts. There are both benefits, as well as downfalls to this type of wax.



    Teflon car detailing works on the same premise as non-stick pans. It makes the paint job look incredibly reflective and rich. The premise is that nothing will stick to this wax. While this isn’t completely true, it still does a great job of repelling dirt and other flying debris. 

    Easy Application

    Many teflon car waxes come as a spray instead of the conventional wax structure. It is simple since you just spray on the wax, and let it dry. You can then wipe it off once it is fully dry.



    The fact of the matter is teflon wax is very expensive. Teflon car detailing isn’t done as much, and car detailers normally charge much more than a regular wax for this type of wax job.

    Doesn’t Last Long

    There are those that claim teflon is long lasting. However, the structure of teflon proves that it really won’t stay on your car that much. First, in teflon waxes, there is not that much teflon even in the formula. Most waxes have at most 10% teflon in there. On top of that, the teflon needs to bind with organic material in order to stick on the car. This will cause the teflon to actually leave your car much sooner than expected, and you would no longer see the benefits of the coating.