• Most Common Causes of Tire Failure

    When it comes to tire failure, there are many potential causes. There are several common reasons as to why tires will end up failing.


    The most common cause is underinflating your tires, which will lead to a tire blowout or a flat tire most of the time. These tires will run much hotter due to less air. This will then cause the tires to have their treads separate from each other. An easy way to make sure this does not happen is by routinely checking your tires for the correct air pressure and air levels.


    Less common, but you can also overinflate your tires. People do these for various reasons, like trying to increase fuel economy, or just by accident. Overinflating your tires makes your tires susceptible to damage from things on the road, such as a pothole.

    Too Much Weight

    Having too much weight on the tires can be a problem. Make sure you check their “load rating” to ensure your car is under the limit.

    Tire Wear

    Over time, your tires will begin to wear out. This is natural, but this is why tires need to be replaced often. The longer you use your tires past their lifespan, the more you run the risk of a tire failure. The tires will become bald and eventually lose their traction. This can be very dangerous, as this can cause a serious accident, which you may or may not have control of. 

    Overall, tire failure can be caused by many things, but usually, they are preventable by checking them constantly.