• Make Your Own Car Care Kit

    Having a good car care kit doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. You can actually gather some simple household items and create a kit for yourself. Some items can be purchased very cheaply at dollar stores around the country, so start off by making a list of what you will need.

    1 – Vacuum Cleaner

    Most households have a vacuum cleaner. If not, you can purchase a reasonably cheap one at a Goodwill or a Thrift store near you. Buy a smaller one which has a hose attachment so that you can get underneath the seats and into smaller gaps. If your home does have a vacuum cleaner, you can use that at no extra cost.

    2 – Sponges

    Always have a good sponge. Washing your car with a sponge is much easier than using cloths and rags. You can get a sponge at the dollar store too, or a local auto parts store. Investing in a good sponge will cut washing time in half because you can cover far more ground.

    3 – Brush

    Dustpans and brushes are relatively cheap. You can get a set and use the firm bristled brush that comes with it for washing your wheels. Getting the dirt and grime from in and around the wheels can be a tricky business, and a firm bristled brush is great for reaching in to those tight areas where the lugs nuts are.

    4 – Bucket

    If you don’t already have a bucket, get one specifically for use with your car. It is also useful for keeping your car cleaning kit inside it when the bucket is not filled with water. Most dollar stores sell buckets.

    5 – Window Cleaning Fluid

    You can make an excellent window cleaner by using a little vinegar in water. Vinegar is a good liquid to use on glass and it doesn’t leave streaks. If you prefer, you can use a regular window cleaner spray.

    6 – Kitchen Roll (Paper Towels)

    Paper towels are not just great for drying your vehicle, but they are also extremely good for cleaning the windows. Glass shines much better when it is cleaned with paper. Newspaper is even better for glass. Always have some spare newspaper in your car care kit for wiping your windows.

    7 – Garden Hose

    It’s much better for rinsing your car when you have washed it than using the dirty water from the bucket. As another tip, you can wash the car on your lawn and at the same time you will be watering your lawn and garden. If you own a power washer, that’s even better.

    8 – Detergent

    There is nothing specifically wrong with using dish detergent. It will not cause any harm to your car, so just add a little dish washing liquid to warm water when you wash your car. It does mean you should rinse it properly, otherwise it will leave streaks, but using the hose will ensure a good solid rinse. If you are totally adverse to using dish washing liquid, you can buy a car shampoo relatively inexpensively.

    9 – Polish

    Car polish is something you will have to buy. You can’t substitute car polish with a household item because there is really no suitable alternative, so head to your local auto store or dollar store and get some polish.