• Is Show Car Wax Better Than Normal Car Wax

    Show car wax should be better than normal car wax, shouldn’t it? After all, it’s intended for cars that will be displayed and really need to look their best. The finish will make sure the car shines, which is what everyone wants. Car wax is meant to protect the finish of the car.

    Show Car Wax

    Show car wax isn’t intended to act as protection in the manner of normal car wax. Its whole point is to set off the paint job and finish of the vehicle being displayed. The best show car wax isn’t made solely from carnauba, as it’s not clear, but also with other items that help it buff out clear. Instead it’s partly carnauba, because this helps with the kind of “wet” look that’s so desirable to those requiring show car detailing.

    Normal Wax

    When detailing a car, you want it to look good. Unless you’re planning on showing it, your great requirement – show car polish – isn’t the biggest concern. You want the car to look good, but need it well protected so you don’t have to be constantly cleaning and polishing. Show car wax isn’t the best option here. Instead, a normal car wax that will give the increased protection that’s desirable. That wet look is fine, but something that will give good coverage to your clear coat and paint is much better for ordinary driving.

    For most users, show car wax doesn’t offer any real advantage over normal car wax.