• How to Use a Manual Car Wash

    A manual car wash or a self service car wash is a coin operated system that enables you to wash your car. This system has an open bay, a coin operated dial, a pressure sprayer, a timer and an area to vacuum the interiors of your car.

    How to Wash Your Car at a Manual Car Wash:

    • Since manual car washes are coin operated, it’s important you carry a lot of coins with you. Besides coins, you should also carry nonabrasive towels.
    • Drive into an empty bay at the car wash and be careful to park your car so that it’s away from the walls, giving you enough space to move around.
    • Remove all the floor mats from the car and place them against the wall.
    • Familiarize yourself with how to use the spray nozzle attached to the spray wand.
    • Also familiarize yourself with the dial. The dial will list the stages of the wash such as pre-soak, soap, wash, foam brush, rinse and wax.
    • When you are ready, put coins in the coin slot and turn the dial to the stage you want to start from.
    • To presoak, wait for the water to start flowing and use the spray to wash the dirt off your car and off the car mats against the wall.
    • Subsequently, soap your car with the high pressure soap spray. You should start from the top of the vehicle and go downwards. It’s also best to complete work on one side before moving over to the other side. You should remember to spray each wheel particularly inside the wheel wells.
    • Before you start using the foam brush, be sure to rinse it off, as there might be dirt between the bristles that could leave scratches on your vehicle.
    • Activate the foam brush and use the brush to wash the car. You should try to wipe the soap suds with a rag as the brush moves. The floor mats should also be washed simultaneously.
    • Once the car has been washed, turn the knob to activate the high pressure rinse system and start rinsing the soap off the car’s surface. Once again, it’s best to start from the top and work downwards.
    • Since your car is wet, it might be a good idea not to wax it, but to drive it out of the car wash bay area. Remember to collect the floor mats and put them in your car. You can then start drying your car using the towels you have brought with you. Like the rinsing and washing, start drying your vehicle from the top. The wheels should be dried as well.
    • To finish off, go to an area of the car wash where there are facilities to vacuum and clean the interiors of the car.

    By using a manual car wash, you can be assured of a clean car that looks its best. Car washes are popular, as washing your car at home involves a lot of hard work. Whereas manual car washes offer the convenience of automatic car washes at a fraction of the cost.