• How to Start a Mobile Car Detail Service

    In these tough economic times, a job can be difficult to come by. Starting your own mobile car detail business can make life a little easier. A mobile detailing business has a fairly low overhead, especially if you do the research needed to find the right supplies and other needs at the best prices. Below are the steps needed to start this business and make it a success.

    1. First, you must come up with a catchy name that people will remember.
    2. Next, follow your state and federal regulations when starting a business; tax certificates and registration.
    3. Then, launch a test website, this will allow you to see how many hits you receive and if there really is a market in your area for a mobile detailing outfit. If you receive phone calls for service, just advise the customers that you are not yet open.
    4. Research all of your competitors prices. Make your prices somewhere in the middle. People like a nice middle ground when purchasing services, too inexpensive makes customers think you do bad work and too high prices scares away the middle class.
    5. Scour the Internet for the best prices on professional chemicals. A site that always seems to have great deals is www.detailking.com.
    6. Search EBay and other Internet bidding sites for a decent electric pressure washer. Make certain it has at least 1600 PSI. You can purchase a gasoline powered one, but they are noisy and tend to upset your customers neighbors.
    7. Find a good polisher. The best value for the money is the Flex Polisher at about $500. You can also pick up a small one at a local store to get you through until you make some money.
    8. Purchase a small hand held carpet shampooer at a local store. plus any additional chemical needed for start up
    9. Make your website live. Start up a few “pay-per click” advertising accounts to help drive up your business until it begins coming up in search engines. Advertise on www.craigslist.org. You may be surprised how many people look there for services. Make your ad very professional and include prices.
    10. Buy some magnetic signs for your vehicle. Make certain they look professional so customers are not afraid to call you for services.
    11. Do some free washes for friends and family members as a lot of business comes from people just driving past asking your prices. This will also get you the experience you need if you have never professionally detailed a car.
    12. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you do for a living, even if they don’t ask. Many times people will become customers just by telling them what you do for a living.
    13. Lastly, make certain to provide the best customer service possible. Do not accept payment until the customer has reviewed the vehicle and is satisfied. If there are any problems, fix it then with no argument and they will be a customer for life.

    Now that you have the tips needed to start your own mobile detailing service, it is time to get started.