• How to Safely Wax Your Car

    Putting a coat of wax on your car is an important part of the overall car care process. However there is a right way and a wrong way to wax your car. Listed below are a number of steps you can take to make sure you don’t damage the paint while putting a coat of wax on your car.

    • Never in Bright Sunlight-Direct, bright sunlight will cause the wax to dry and harden as you are applying it. This will make you have to work harder and use more wax to properly coat the car.
    • Follow Label Directions Closely For Temperature-Applying wax when it’s too cold, especially the temperature is near the dew point cause a variety of problems, the least of which is serious swirling of the paint’s finish. In extreme cases, above the dew point, the wax can harden too much and actually scratch your car’s paint finish.
    • Use the Proper Amount of Pressure-When applying wax by hand, in order to obtain the best looking finish, you need to use a good amount of pressure. On the other hand, when using an orbital buffer, you must use much less pressure or you can ruin the finish by burning it. With an orbital buffer, you must also make sure the buffer is constantly moving across the surface of the car. Again, if not, burning of the paint’s finish can occur.

    Using the right car care products with the right techniques will help you achieve the pinnacle in shine and car for your car’s finish. The three points listed above have been given as examples of what not to do in order to keep your car shining like new for years.