• How to Fix a Transmission Leak

    A transmission leak is a problem wherein the transmission fluid is leaking. Generally, the leak is caused by a crack in the seal of the transmission, which in turn causes a leak. Although it may seem minor, transmission leakage can lead several transmission problems causing the vehicle to malfunction. Here’s how to fix a transmission leak

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    • Transmission fluid with Stop Leak
    • Funnel
    • New seal or gasket
    • Gasket sealant
    • Wrench
    • Oil drip pan or empty container
    • New oil pan bolts

    Step 1. Check for Leaks

    Before you can determine where the leak is at, you first need to determine if you do have a transmission fluid leak. To do this, drive your car to an area with a level surface. After you have turned off the engine, the transmission fluid will start to leak out if you do have any leaks. The leak will often come out in two places: the front or the back of the transmission.

    Step 2. Assess Gravity of the Leak

    Assess whether the leak is minor or major. Minor leaks are often described as a few drops of the fluid coming out, while major leaks show a pool or puddle of fluid coming out.

    Step 3. Determine Location of the Leak

    Determine where the leak is coming from. This is to help you figure out where to make any repairs.

    Step 4. Drain Transmission Oil

    To properly fix a transmission leak, you need to drain the transmission fluid. Jack up the vehicle and secure it with jack stands. Locate the transmission oil pan and drain the fluid. Make sure you place the oil drip pan or an empty container at the bottom to catch the transmission fluid flushing out of the engine.

    Step 5. Replace Gasket

    Remove the oil pan bolts using a wrench. Once you have removed the transmission oil pan, check the gasket on the drain plug. Replace the old gasket with a new one. A worn out drain plug or gasket can cause the transmission fluid to leak. Use the gasket sealant to ensure that the gasket is secured tightly and that there are no cracks.

    Step 6. Check the Threads

    You also need to check the threads on the bolts. These can cause leakage and, to fix this problem, just replace the bolts with new ones.

    Step 7. Refill Transmission Fluid

    You can now put the drain plug on. Screw the transmission oil pan back and refill the transmission with transmission fluid and with Stop Leak. Stop Leak is an additive that can prevent seals from hardening, thus preventing them from cracking and leaking. Use the funnel to refill the transmission to avoid splashes.