• How to Check Car Battery Amps

    As a car owner, you should know how to check the car battery amps to ensure the car battery is always charged and in working order. There are many electronic battery testers that can analyze the battery’s cold cranking amp capacity and estimate the remaining service life of a battery.

    How to Check Car Battery Amps:

    • You should always wear protective eye wear, gloves and protective clothing when checking your car battery. It’s important to remove jewelry, as it’s a good conductor of electricity.
    • The battery gets run down if it doesn’t get recharged when the car is driven or if there is something wrong with the electrical battery drain. Conversely, the battery may be too old and require replacement.
    • If the headlights don’t come on with normal brightness, the battery voltage and charging output need to be checked.
    • You can check the battery voltage with a voltmeter. If the battery shows a reading of less than 12.4, it needs to be recharged.
    • After the battery is charged, it should be connected to the voltmeter again and the charging voltage should be noted. If the voltage is less than 13.5 volts, the alternator is at fault and might need to be replaced.
    • The problem may be associated with a power drain if there is nothing wrong with the charging system or the battery. 
    • If the battery drain is too high, the fault has to be identified by referring to your car owner’s manual. You will have to pull the fuses and relays individually until the current reading drops. Once the circuit that’s faulty has been identified, check the relay, switch, module and other components and replace as required.
    • The water level of deep cycle batteries should be checked first and then these batteries should be charged for at least 16 hours. After this, each cell should be tested with a hydrometer, as load testers give false readings on deep cycle batteries.

    Before returning a battery to service, it’s best to ensure that it’s fully charged, as overloading the charging system can damage the alternator.