• How the Cyclone Fuel Saver Works

    A cyclone fuel saver is an aftermarket car part that is designed to fit the carburetor of your car.  It boosts the fuel economy of your vehicle, saving you money. It’s also one of the few fuel saving devices that is designed to lower the harmful emissions that can hurt the environment. 

    How Does the Fuel Saver work? 

    The cyclone fuel saver fits into your air intake hose. The air intake hose connects the air filter box to the throttle body of the engine. 

    When it is correctly fitted, the shape of the fuel saver encourages an air vortex to form. A vortex is a swirling motion, not unlike the way water moves down a plughole when it is draining. When the air is moving in a quick tornado motion, it will move quicker through the engine. When the vehicle is running, the cyclone fuel saver will form a vortex in the combustion chamber of the engine. This will help improve the combustion process by mixing the air in the chamber with the fuel. 

    Advantages of a Cyclone Fuel Saver

    Fuel saving devices are designed to increase the horsepower of your vehicle and also increase gas mileage. If there is a proper mix of air with the fuel, the car will run more economically and be more cost efficient to you. Most customers report that after installing a cyclone fuel saver, their car will do 1 or 2 extra miles to the gallon. Over a period of time, this can equate to a significant saving.