• How Often Should You Rotate Tires

    When to rotate your tires is a common question people ask regarding tire maintenance. Usually you would take your car in to have the tires rotated, but it begs the question, of when you should take it in. Tire rotation can be specific to each separate car, in which you can consult your car’s manual for their recommendation. Generally speaking though, every 5,000-7,000 miles you should look to have your tires rotated. For the average driver who logs 12,000 miles a year, this would equate to two tire rotations in a year. For drivers who go fewer miles, one may be sufficient; and if you are on the higher side of mileage, you may want to rotate three times. Tire rotation is essential for tire maintenance. Rotating your tires allows for even wear of the four tires on your car. The rear and front tires each get wear for different reasons. The rear tires usually wear evenly since they are moving at the same speed. The front wheels are the wheels that turn, so it faces different wear issues as that goes through the whole tire. The front and rear wheels also face different braking patterns, so it is good to even this out for all the tires. If you have a spare tire, you may wish to include that in your tire rotation. It is recommended since it may see full time action in the event of you losing a tire for an unforeseen reason. Overall, tire rotation is a crucial part to making your tires last.