• How Often Should You Polish and Wax Your Car

    Keeping your bodywork in good condition will involve taking steps to polish and wax the car on a regular basis. Knowing how often this should be undertaken is essential to ensure you do not cause damage in your effort to maintain the paint.

    Quality Detail

    As part of the car detailing process, waxing the entire vehicle is necessary not only to keep the car looking good, but also to protect the paint. Where this can be done well and with quality materials, you will find that a wax job will not be required again for up to a year. You can polish the wax of the car simply by buffing it with a cloth on a regular basis.


    If your car is regularly used in conditions that sully the paintwork, you will find it necessary to polish and wax your car on a more regular basis. However, this does not mean that wax will need to be applied on every occasion, as existing good quality wax can hold up well.


    The type of polish and car wax you apply to your car will dictate how often the process will be necessary. Good quality products will reduce the instances on which work is required to buff the paintwork. In addition to this, it will also be necessary to use the correct tools, especially when applying wax for the first time.   

    Vehicle Age

    The paintwork of newer vehicles will not often require wax to be applied. Older vehicles will require more maintenance, making waxing and car polishing more of a necessity to protect the paint.