• Green Car Wash Tips and Tricks

    Environmentally conscious people are opting for a green car wash over a conventional car wash. If you don’t wash your car in an environmentally-friendly way, you can waste a lot of water and also add toxic wastes contained by car cleaning products into the environment.

    Tips for a Green Car Wash:

    Washing your Car at Home versus Using a Commercial Car Wash

    When you wash your car in your yard, waste water enters the storm drain and flows into rivers and streams. This waste water has pollutants such as gasoline, oil, exhaust fume residues and harsh detergents and this can poison aquatic life and damage the ecosystem. If you use a commercial car wash, the waste water is directed into the sewer system and gets treated before it is allowed to enter the environment. Besides this you will waste a lot of water while washing your vehicle at home. Commercial car washes on the other hand use computer controlled systems, hoses and pumps that minimize water usage. Some also reuse the water after recycling it.

    Use a Green Cleaner

    Use a biodegradable green cleaner that’s non-toxic, free of phosphates and chlorine. When washing the car yourself, it’s best to wash it on the lawn so that the waste water doesn’t enter the storm drain but gets absorbed by the soil.

    Use Water-Less Car Wash Products

    There are many car wash products available for which water isn’t required. Such products are excellent for removing spots.

    Use Rain Water

    If possible you should try to use rain water to wash your car at home as you won’t use water from the local water supply system and deplete water resources. Keep a rain barrel handy so that rain water gets collected in it and can be used by you to wash the car.

    Wash on a Cloudy Day

    It’s best to wash your car when it’s not too hot. Mornings, evenings and cloudy days are ideal for car washing. This is because water evaporates faster on hot metal and you will have to use more water to avoid water spots on sunny days.

    Use a Bucket When Washing at Home

    Instead of using a hose, use a bucket in order to avoid wasting water. Try to do most of the washing with buckets of water and only use the hose to give the vehicle a final rinse. If you must use a hose, use a high pressure nozzle to reduce water usage.

    Flush the Dirty Water down the Toilet

    After you have finished washing your car, the dirty water in the bucket should be flushed down the toilet and not emptied out onto the lawn or gravel as it has a lot of pollutants that should enter the sewer system and not the environment.

    Wash your Car Only When It’s Very Dirty

    Keep your car clean by dusting it frequently and only wash it at increasing intervals or when it’s very dirty. You can save plenty of water in this manner.

    These tips for a green car wash are not too hard to implement and should be practiced on a regular basis to help preserve the environment.