• DIY Car Maintenance Service: What to Do Yourself

    It’s important to regularly perform car maintenance service so that your vehicle remains in optimal working condition. If you choose to ignore things that are malfunctioning or if you don’t carry out vehicle repairs on time, you will end up paying a huge sum of money to get these issues fixed at a later stage. Although you can avail yourself of the services of a professional mechanic to carry out preventive maintenance or vehicle repair, there are several auto maintenance tasks that you can do on your own. If you don’t have too much experience working on cars, you simply have to purchase a DIY car maintenance guide or watch a few tutorials online.

    DIY Car Maintenance Tasks Include:

    1. Changing the Oil and the Oil Filters

    In order to prevent your engine from getting damaged, you need to regularly change the oil and the oil filters. This is not a very challenging task if you keep all your tools and materials handy. Some items that you would require to carry out an oil filter change include safety goggles, rubber gloves, a flashlight, a new oil filter, the right oil, a socket set and a drain pan. You could also keep a few rags handy.

    2. Replacing Your Air Filter

    It’s important to replace the air filter because over a period of time, it reduces your gas mileage and decreases the power of your vehicle. You can purchase a new air filter for as little as $20 and replace it on your own if you follow step-by-step procedures that teach you how to do the job. The entire process takes only 10 to 15 minutes and saves you plenty of money on gas in the future.

    3. Changing your Headlights

    If one of your headlights is not working, you need to replace it at the earliest possible convenience so that you don’t cause accidents. Besides this, you stand a chance of getting a ticket for operating your vehicle without having properly functioning headlights. You would only require a tool set and a new bulb to replace a fused light.

    4. Replacing your Windshield Wipers

    This is another easy task that can be accomplished without professional help. Make sure you buy the right wipers that are suited to your vehicle. Although you don’t require too many tools, keep a flat screwdriver handy to help you detach the old windshield wiper.

    5. Refilling the Coolant

    Coolants help prevent heat buildup in the engine. You should check your coolant level occasionally and refill it if you’re running low. Although there are markings on the coolant overflow tank that let you determine the coolant level, refer to your owner’s manual if you’re in doubt.

    These are only a few basic tasks that you can accomplish on your own. There are several other things you can do in order to keep your car well serviced. Check your tire pressure once a week and also inspect the tires for wear and tear. You could tick to a vehicle maintenance schedule by using a software program to keep track of future servicing tasks. If you don’t want to buy the software, use a notebook to write down pertinent details about the vehicle and leave yourself a few reminders.