• Car Wax Products: An Overview of the Top Manufacturers

    There are a numbers of companies that manufacture car wax products. Some of these car wax products are decidedly inferior, while some of them are quite good. There are also a few that are excellent, all around car care products. The paragraphs below will list three of the best car wax products that are available at most auto parts stores, and one product which most professionals use and is available by special order and online.


    Meguiar’s is one of the most popular makers of car care products. They have a special line of products designed to be used together, starting with a medium grit polish and ending with a wet look, high gloss wax. They also make single products that can be used singly or together. Meguiar’s products are also very affordable, even when compared to some of the inferior products available. Meguiar’s products are available at your local large auto parts retailers. Some of the various products that Meguiar’s makes are listed below:

    • Specialized car wash liquid
    • Specialized bug and tar removal soap
    • Special numbered wash, wax and polish kits
    • Mag and aluminum wheel cleaners and polishes
    • Chrome and brightwork cleaners and polishes
    • Rotary wheel cleaning brushes
    • Car wash mitts
    • Buffing products
    • Tire car products


    Mother’s is a name that car enthusiasts know very well. For many years Mother’s has been the manufacturer of the best aluminum and chrome wheel polishes. Mother’s also makes arguably the best metal polish in the car care market. Relatively recently, they have introduced Mother’s Car Wax. In keeping with their tradition of carrying the best products they can, this product is also very good. Mother’s products are also quite affordable, although they are usually a little more expensive than those from Meguiar’s. They are also available at most local large auto parts retailers and most stores that carry car care products, such as Target and Walmart.

    Turtle Wax

    Turtle Wax is one of the oldest manufacturers of car care products. Turtle Wax car wax is a very good product. Additionally, it is one of the lowest priced car waxes on the market. Turtle Wax products are available at most auto parts stores, large and small, as well as retailers such as Walmart and Target.


    TR7 is the manufacturer of an excellent line of car care products. They make what are arguably the best car wax and rubbing compounds available. However, they are more expensive than all of the other products available. Also, they are also only available online, from a few detail shops and automotive paint stores. TR7 car care products are designed for the professional automotive detail industry.

    When choosing a car care product such as wax, it’s very important to remember that you choose one that has a high carnauba (pronounced car-new-ba) wax content, as this will enhance the shine and ease of use of the product.