• Best Car Wash Shampoo to Use

    It’s important to use the best available car wash shampoo to clean your vehicle so that you protect the exterior of your car and keep it looking glossy. Although there are several commercially available car wash shampoos and detailing products, only a few products work effectively and leave you with great end results.

    Some of the Best Car Wash Shampoos That Are Available Include:

    Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo

    This product not only cleans and conditions car paint but it also leaves the car with a radiant appearance. The ingredients present in this solution wash away tough grime, debris and external contaminants that settle on the surface of the vehicle. One of the most important features of the Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo is that it doesn’t strip the car off wax and keeps the paint intact. If you shop online you can buy this product for as little as $8.

    Z-7 Show Car Wash

    This is another best selling product that gives your car a good shine. The Z-7 Show Car Wash contains high quality conditioners and cleansers that aren’t abrasive in nature. The solution also contains a special polishing ingredient that enhances the gloss of the paint. Since it produces plenty of suds it’s ideal for car owners who use hard water to wash their cars. Most consumers prefer using Z-7 Show Car Wash since it’s gentle on the hands and also smells great.

    Optimum Car Wash

    This car wash is formulated by Optimum Polymer Technologies and contains ingredients that are environment friendly or biodegradable. Although it doesn’t strip wax off the car, it cleans tough grime and road dirt, and leaves you with a smooth finish. It’s highly concentrated and produces lots of foam to clean your vehicle thoroughly.

    Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo

    Although this product is more expensive than other car wash products, it works effectively on the toughest road dirt. When you mix the product with water, it attains an ideal pH balance and doesn’t strip off protective wax or polymer surface protectants.

    Poorboys World Super Slick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash

    As the name indicates, this product makes a lot of suds and removes dirt without damaging the paint. It is gentle for use on most automotive surfaces as it has an ideal pH balance of 7. Like the Z-7 Show Car Wash, this product consists of ingredients that are non toxic and biodegradable in nature. The Poorboys World Super Slick Suds & Concentrated Car Wash offers you superior quality at an affordable price.

    3M Car Wash Shampoo

    The ingredients present in this car wash shampoo rid your car of dirt and grime without scratching the surface. It’s one of the most commonly used car wash shampoos by auto body shops and car dealers. The product is also phosphate free and doesn’t eliminate surface protectants that are present on your vehicle.

    After shampooing your vehicle, it’s best to follow up with good quality wax and polish products so that the car looks like it has been well maintained.