• Benefits of Using Car Leather Conditioner

    Car leather conditioner, also known as car leather cleaner, is an oil based lotion-like substance that is designed to clean, strengthen and rejuvenate the leather upholstery on car seats. Especially in cars, where there are often high levels of heat and humidity, leather dries out and breaks down quickly. This makes regular car leather maintenance necessary for the seats to remain in good condition. Here are some of the benefits of using car leather conditioner over other cleaning products to maintain the leather upholstery in your vehicle.

    1. Car Leather Conditioner Is Oil Based

    Never use a solvent cleaner to remove stains from leather. Solvents work by dissolving the grime that is making a stain, and are sometimes strong enough to eat away at important parts of the leather itself. This can lead to an even more pronounced damaged and discolored stain. Because car leather conditioner is oil based, it works to remove stains by helping the unwanted particles slide off, rather than dissolving them, so it will not degrade the leather.

    2. Repels Water

    Since prolonged exposure to water can leave permanent stains on leather, car leather conditioner leaves a thin layer of oils on the upholstery that is designed to stay there and repel water long after the product is applied. This helps to prevent future water damage.

    3. Easy Application

    Unlike other cleaning products, which need to be sprayed on a surface and then wiped off with water, car leather conditioner is designed to be rubbed in with your hands and kept there. This makes the process of applying the conditioner as simple as possible.