• Where to Get the Best Warranty on Toyota Sequoia Parts

    Toyota Sequoia parts, like many car parts, aren’t cheap to purchase. If you need to replace the floor mats, the steering wheel, or a light or two, you’ll want assurances that you can replace the part or get your money back should something go wrong with the item you bought. That assurance can be found in a good Toyota Sequoia parts warranty.

    Toyota Dealership

    Dealerships often have the capabilities to order parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Sequoia parts that are OEM are made by Toyota or a licensed manufacturer and are usually covered with a warranty. The advantage of using OEM parts is that it will maintain the Sequoia’s original warranty. Using non-approved parts will typically void the warranty on a Sequoia.

    Toyota offers an accessories warranty when you purchase a new Sequoia. The warranty lasts 3 years or 36,000 miles. Parts purchased after buying the Sequoia are under warranty for one year after installation, no matter how many miles were put on the car. Different parts can be warranted for different amounts of time.

    It’s important to note that Toyota also offers their own re-manufactured Sequoia parts that meet their OE specifications. Found at Toyota dealerships, these parts will not void a warranty.


    While a mechanic can offer aftermarket, imitation, salvaged and re-manufactured parts, which may void an existing auto warranty, OEM Sequoia parts are also available as an alternative. Mechanics often attain auto parts that have a warranty that can be passed on to you should there be a malfunction. A good mechanic will also guarantee his or her services, which entails making sure the Sequoia part works properly the first time it’s installed for a long time to come.

    Auto Parts Store

    Auto parts stores offer OEM and non-OEM parts and accessories. This is ideal for the person that like to do the work on their Sequoia or wants to save money on a repair by purchasing a Toyota part on their own and taking it to a mechanic for installation.

    Parts and accessories sold at an auto parts store typically have a warranty that already comes with a product or a warranty you can purchase separately.

    Auto Club

    Auto clubs always advertise that membership with them pays. This case may be true when it comes to finding a good warranty on a Toyota Sequoia part. Auto clubs will have a list of approved area mechanics from which you can receive services. Since the mechanic is approved, an auto club often offers its members a 12-month (or longer) warranty on a mechanic’s services, will freely exchange a faulty part, or will help resolve a disagreement you may have with a mechanic over services and/or the Toyota Sequoia part. Taking advantage of your auto club membership can provide peace of mind since you may be able to get warranties on parts and services that are built on top of each other.

    You don’t have to look hard to find the best warranty on a Toyota Sequoia part. This is especially true if you’re using an OEM part, which is often backed up with Toyota’s guarantee of excellence.