• Where to Buy Electric Car Conversion Kits

    If you are looking to buy an electric car but can’t afford the cost of a new vehicle, one of the best ways of getting around this cost barrier is to purchase an electric car conversion kit instead. Even a used electric car can be quite expensive, but the kits that you can find to modify exisdting non electric cars are oftentimes the best and cheapest option. These kits are not readily available though, so you’ll need to know where to look.

    Number 1 — Local Auto Body SHops

    The first place to start your search is a local auto body shop. Look in the phone directory and find a list of the places that are available to you in your area. Contact each of them for information about the car conversion kits that they carry and to see if they have one appropriate for your needs.

    Number 2 — Online Retailers

    A variety of online retail and goods sites will sell you kits that you can use to modify your non electric cars and increase their fuel efficiency through electrical power. Be careful that you research which kits are best for your vehicle so that you make an informed purchase.

    Number 3 — Private Sellers

    One of the cheapest ways of finding an electric car conversion kit is to work with an individual who is selling an old kit for his or her vehicle. Find someone with the same vehicle as you. This is also one of the riskier options, as it’s possible to find a damaged or incomplete kit that could ultimately cause you to waste money.