• What is the Number 1 SUV in America

    For more than a decade, the Ford Explorer has been the number 1 SUV in the United States. With the powerful hold that the Explorer had on the American public, it has been incredibly hard for other companies to get a foothold on the SUV market. Here is an overview of the Ford Explorer’s journey to the top.

    Threatening Competition

    When gas prices were threatening to go as high as five or six dollars a gallon, the popularity for most SUVs declined greatly, especially the large ones like the Explorer. Once that happened in the latter part of this decade, Honda was able to move in with their answer for those who wanted to still have an SUV but with less gas being used.  

    Ford Explorer Takes Over

    When 2009 and 2010 hit however, people began changing their minds about Honda when Ford came out with their newest version of the Explorer. Not only did the Explorer move up the ranks again as the number one SUV in America, but it also became the number 6th best selling vehicle of any model in America.

    Features of the Explorer

    Even though this great vehicle has incredible towing capacity, it is most generally found doing most of its driving on city streets. The ride is incredibly smooth, with a five speed automatic transmission and the vehicle will accommodate up to seven people comfortably. It has independent suspension in the rear, which makes this the best handling largest SUV. The Ford Explorer, with its 4WD, can haul up to 7,140 pounds.