• What is the Best Old SUV to Buy? 3 Models that Hold Their Value

    Some old SUV models hold on to their value even when they depreciate over a period of years, because they are in high demand. The average car loses 20 percent of its value after a year, and after 5 years the car will lose 35 percent of its original value. If you plan on purchasing an SUV but you want the vehicle to hold on to its value when you sell it, then here’s a list of SUVs that would hold on to their value in the long run. 

    1. Lexus RX 350

    While this isn’t exactly an old SUV, it has held it’s resale value well. With its high rated handling, luxury appointed cabin, and comfortable seating for 5, the Lexus RX series maintains a high resale value. A used 2009 model will pull in an average of $39,000.

    2. Toyota Sequoia

    The Toyota Sequoia has been a popular full size SUV since it was introduced in 2001. It features seating for 8, above industry standard safety features, and better than average fuel mileage when compared to other SUVs in the same class. A 2008 Sequoia in good shape can still go for $32,000.

    3. Hyundai Santa Fe

    The Hyundai Santa Fe was unique when it was first introduced. It was built on a standard car chassis, making it handle much like a standard car, but with the room of an SUV. This crossover SUV goes for about $28,000 brand new, and a 2008 will fetch around $19,000 used.