• What Is A Used Car Bill Of Sale?

    A used car bill of sale is the signed agreement that transfers all vehicle rights and responsibilities to the buyer. Whether you find your car online or are looking for used cars for sale by owner, you must complete the transaction by signing a used car bill of sale. It protects the buyer and the seller.

    The bill of sale form includes all pertinent information relating to the sale such as:

    • Year, Make and Model of the Vehicle
    • Date of Sale
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • License Plate Number
    • Final selling price
    • Odometer reading
    • Buyer’s and Seller’s names and signatures
    • Warranties, other considerations and exclusions

    The bill of sale helps the buyer establish further proof of ownership when registering and insuring the vehicle. It releases the owner of any responsibility for incidents related to the car, such as parking fines or other violations, occurring after the date of sale. The buyer and seller may make copies of the bill of sale for their records. The bill of sale does not replace the vehicle title or pink slip. The buyer and seller will still need to complete the transfer of title information on the back of the vehicle title. The buyer must submit the correct information to their Department of Motor Vehicles for payment of registration, taxes and all applicable fees.

    You can create your own, or you can buy or download a bill of sale template from any number of sources on the Internet.