• What Are the Best Certified Pre Owned SUVs

    Buying a certified pre owned suv is a way to get a great car, for a stellar price. Instead of buying the same car brand new for 50,000 or even more, you can wait a year or two and save tens of thousands off the original price. The car is in essence a new car, and checked by the manufacturer through their inspection tests. The certified cars still come with their original warranty, and then a certified warranty that extends for usually a couple of years. The best certified SUVs you can buy are mostly the luxury cars since they are top of the line cars. They offer reliability for a low price. Here are some of the SUVs you should look for.

    • BMW X: The X series is a staple in the BMW SUV line. There are little nuances that separate the X3 from the X5 and X6, but whichever you pick you will be happy with. The X series comes with a Steptronic transmission that allows you to use the car as a manual or automatic. The car is very safe featuring many airbags, as well as electronic stability control. Some of the newer BMW models (2008 and 2009) may also have a rearview camera. The BMW certified warranty also includes BMW roadside assistance. A certified pre owned X series car should cost in the $30,000 and up range.
    • Infiniti QX56: Infiniti has been gaining market share with their latest cars to compete with the top luxury cars in the world. The QX56 is a great example of what an SUV should be. The SUV is powerful with a V8 engine, and over 300 horsepower. This is the most expensive Infiniti out on the road today. Some models may come with sun roof and other options such as DVD navigation. The newer models have rollover sensors, and enhanced control. QX56’s run about 60,000 new, but pre-owned you can find one for nearly half that.
    • Audi Q7: The Audi Q7 is third on the list. It typically sells for around 50,000 and certified should be around 30,000 dollars. The Q7 features electronic stability control which is especially important for SUVs. The Q7 also has a LATCH system, which is effective in helping make child seats easier to install. There are so many options that Audi offers, that even if your car doesn’t have it when you buy it used, you can have it easily installed. You can have a navigation system built right into the dashboard, as well as Audi Assist. Audi Assist is a program that activates while you are driving and can alert you when cars are in your blind spot. Another benefit to the Q7 is the front and rear heated seats.
    • Mercedes M Class: The M Class is one of the most luxurious cars on the road. Most of them have V8 engines with 325+ horsepower. They typically come with seven speed automatic transmissions allowing for quick accelerations. This line of SUVs have the latest safety features such as lane departure warnings. The M Class costs around 50,000 and certified pre owned versions should run 35,000 or lower.