• Top Selling 4WD SUV Models that Offer the Best Off Road Performance

    For many people, a 4WD SUV is the only type of sports utility vehicle to purchase. Sports utility vehicles are designed to be taken off road in various types of terrain and to be put to the test in this fashion. Off road SUVs are best able to accomplish these tasks when they are outfitted with 4 wheel drive setups. Interestingly, however, many SUVs are not produced in 4 wheel drive mode. Many SUVs in recent years are either front or rear wheel drive only, limiting the capabilities of the vehicle. While this may suit a person who is not interested in driving off road or in different terrains, the true adventurer will want to take a look at 4 wheel drive SUVs exclusively to get the best sense of which vehicle will suit his or her needs properly.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Jeep’s Grand Cherokee is one of the leading 4 wheel drive vehicles in the SUV family. It’s been among the top selling of these cars for several years, and remains a popular choice for critics and consumers both. This vehicle packs a powerful engine and a sturdy frame into an affordable price tag. The Grand Cherokee doesn’t come with fancy amenities and extra flourishes, but it is a solid and reliable car that handles well. Both on the road and off of it too.

    Nissan Xterra

    The Xterra is a great vehicle for those who enjoy off-road driving. This vehicle is slightly less powerful than other small SUVs, as it only has a V6 engine. However, consumer ratings indicate it drives very well off the road. Unfortunately, this vehicle gets poor gas mileage and because it is so much smaller than many other SUVs it’s often compared to, the interior ends up feeling a bit cramped in some cases.

    Toyota 4Runner

    The 4Runner was designed specifically for off-road driving, and in many cases it has appeared to perform better off the road than on it. However, in the last two model years Toyota has put a good amount of effort into redesigning the vehicle to improve it’s on-road handling and gas mileage as well.

    Ford Explorer

    The Explorer is a rarity amongst SUVs at this point in time. It’s a sports utility vehicle that has a truck design as its foundation. The result is that the Explorer has slightly less cabin room than other SUVs, but an excellent storage capacity and strong off-road and four-wheel drive capabilities. This vehicle is highly rated for handling and overall safety and gets reasonably good gas mileage as well.

    In order to find the best vehicle for you, it’s a good idea to ask for advice from as many trusted sources as possible. Then, using that information, visit dealerships and test drive any SUVs you are thinking you might purchase.