• The Top Selling 2003 SUV Models: A Comparison Guide

    Because a 2003 SUV is such a strong car, capable of reliable operability for several years with good maintenance work and careful attention, it’s oftentimes wise to purchase a used sports utility vehicle. In doing so, you’ll pick one of many best selling SUVs that come highly rated by customers and critics alike, and all for a price that is much lower than the standard cost of an SUV that’s new. SUV rankings are available online in a variety of sources. We’ve compiled a list of the top selling SUV models from the year 2003 for you so you don’t have to spend the time searching. Read on for a brief comparison of the best SUVs from that model year.

    Cadillac Escalade

    Although the Cadillac Escalade is commonly thought of as a luxury SUV, there are also a good number of Escalades that have been trimmed down to be standard vehicles. Additionally, the Escalade comes in a variety of different trim types to help you make the selection that’s best for you.

    Used Escalades are a good value because they provide a high quality aesthetic appearance, a wide variety of luxury amenities as options and a reliable, sturdy vehicle for a good price. These cars get very good gas mileage and are sleek and fun to drive as well. They also provide a good amount of interior space for a family or for a driver who plans to transport a large amount of luggage or cargo in their SUV.

    Chevrolet Tahoe

    The Tahoe is Chevrolet’s top selling SUV. The Chevy Suburban is also a popular choice amongst 2003 models of large size vehicles, but the Suburban is not typically considered a standard SUV, per se, because of its unique body shape and design style. The Tahoe is a standard SUV, however, and is capable of extreme power. This vehicle is an excellent choice for someone who plans to take their car off road or on other rough terrain. The Tahoe is also spacious inside and provides ample room for passengers and cargo as well.

    Dodge Durango

    The Dodge Durango is a great buy for someone looking for a top quality SUV on a budget. The Durango is priced lower than other competitor’s SUVs initially, so the used models of this vehicle are consequently lower in price as well. The Durango packs a big punch in that small cost, however. This car is a full size SUV with competitive mileage ratings, a spacious interior, sleek exterior design and high crash test safety ratings in comparison with many other SUVs. These cars are perhaps one of the safest choices you can make if you’re interested in driving with peace of mind in your SUV.

    As with any used car purchase, it’s important you take the time to thoroughly inspect and test drive any SUV before you buy it. Ask a dealer or a mechanic for additional help.