• The Pros and Cons of Diesel Autos

    When it comes to buying diesel autos, there are some things you should know before you buy. As with many things, there are both positive and negative effects of diesel. 


    Fuel Economy

    Maybe the biggest of the diesel car benefits is the fuel economy. Diesel fuel is much more fuel efficient than gasoline is. There is a higher energy level in diesel fuel when compared to gasoline. Diesel car MPG can be more than 25 to 33% more efficient, which is a really big difference. For example, a car getting 24 miles per gallon on gas, would get over 30 miles per gallon with diesel. This could be over a hundred mile difference over a tank of a fuel.

    More Torque

    Torque is an important part for your engine. The more torque your car can provide, the better acceleration your car can get. The performance and handling of your car will be increased. 

    Increased Value

    Diesel cars usually cost a little bit more on the upfront sale. However, this is good because diesel cars hold their value better due to their increased fuel economy. They also last longer than gasoline engines, which is another contributing factor.



    Just like gasoline, diesel is a nonrenewable resource. This is a serious concern because of our dependence on oil. It will inevitably run out, and it is not something we can always rely on. Another type of diesel called biodiesel, which made out of organic substances. That is renewable, although it isn’t the regular petrol diesel that most diesel cars run on.


    Diesel engines burn much more dirtier than gasoline. Many diesel cars are legal in Europe, but not the United States, due to stricter emissions regulations. Diesel has made strides with cleaner engines, but they still are no match for gasoline. Although that does not mean gasoline burns cleanly as well. Any petrol based fuel will be a pollutant to the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.


    This is a two fold disadvantage. Diesel engines are more expensive than gasoline engines, so if you had two exact make and models but one with diesel, and the other with gas, the diesel engine would cost more. The other point on price is that diesel costs more than gasoline by usually 10%. It is not a steep difference, but it will cost you more at the pump when you fill up. You get that savings back though on the road with the increased fuel economy. 

    Less Power

    Although diesel engines provide more torque, they do not provide as much power (horsepower). This is a bit deceiving since diesel engines are normally V6 or V8 and are equipped for trucks and other large vehicles. However, if it were a gas engine, it would get even more power. The thing about diesel is there are many turbo charged diesel engines that are pretty equal to a regular gas engine.

    Overall, the benefits of diesel probably outweigh the disadvantages. The increased fuel economy is a great plus, but the emissions that are released as a result, is bad on the environment.