• The Best Used SUV: Top Models to Consider Based on Price, Ratings, and MPG

    SUV sales dropped considerably in the past couple of years as gasoline prices jumped up, but now that those prices have settled down more consumers are considering buying a used SUV for their family. When you buy SUVs (sport utility vehicles), you purchase a vehicle that is known for its size, strength and off-road capability. SUVs are also helpful for at-home construction, gardening projects, hauling trailers and smaller vehicles, and for other tasks of this nature. Combined, many people find that these elements make SUVs a very attractive option. Read on for a brief SUVs car buying guide for the best and least expensive used SUV models.

    Honda Santa Fe

    The Santa Fe vehicles from the model years 2003 to 2005 tend to be among the best values at this point in time. The vehicles themselves, when in good condition, have sturdy motors that are capable of lasting for many years and several hundred thousand miles. These cars are also sleek and attractive in appearance, and the MPG rating for the Santa Fe was quite good in comparison with many other SUVs at the time. Since the development of the hybrid SUV in recent years, the Santa Fe’s MPG rating is relatively lower than many other newer SUVs, but these also tend to be quite a bit more expensive at the outset.

    Toyota Sequoia

    Toyota Sequoias from the mid-2000 production years are among the best values you can find in terms of used SUVs at this point in time. These vehicles originally sold for anywhere up to around $45,000, but many good condition Sequoias now can be had for roughly one third of that price. The reason for this is Sequoias, while being a high end type of SUV with plenty of excellent amenities, have a relatively low mileage rating. Their fuel efficiency pales in comparison with several other SUVs that have come out since that time. However, if you’re not as concerned with the MPG rating of your vehicle, and you’d like to get a high end SUV for a very good value, the Sequoia is a great buy.

    Mitsubishi Outlander

    The Outlander is a now defunct SUV that was popular as an economical vehicle in the early 2000s. If you can find a vehicle from one of the last model years, just prior to 2005, you’re likely to find a good quality Outlander with a low number of miles for a very competitive price. The new Outlanders at this point in time sold for around $20,000, and many of them now can be found for much less than $10,000. What this vehicle lacks in terms of relative power in comparison with other SUVs, it more than makes up for in exceptional value.

    There are a wide variety of used SUVs that make a great bargain in addition to these. The condition and odometer reading of the individual vehicle are some of the most important things to keep in mind.