• The Best Used 4WD SUV: Four Reliable Models with the Highest Value

    There are a wide variety of used 4WD SUV options to choose from. However, be careful when you’re searching. Many people assume that all SUVs have four-wheel drive. In actuality, all-wheel drive SUV models are typically restricted to the higher level trim options. If you’re looking for the best off road SUVs, read on.

    Number 1 — Chevrolet Tahoe

    The Tahoe is a full size SUV that comes equipped with four-wheel drive capability and a sturdy body to withstand rugged terrain and off-road challenges. This vehicle is one of the most popular and top selling SUVs in its class.

    Number 2 — Ford Expedition

    Although not all of the trim types of the Ford Expedition are 4 wheel drive, many of the higher level ones are. Be sure to check on the specs of the vehicle before you test drive and buy it to be sure that it’s 4 wheel drive capable.

    Number 3 — Jeep Grand Cherokee

    The Grand Cherokee is a popular option amongst SUV drivers who like to take their vehicles off road. Jeep has developed a reputation for building solid and reliable SUVs that are capable of handling rugged terrain with ease. The frame and design of this car are particularly well suited to going off road.

    Number 4 — Honda CR-V

    Some of the CR-V options are available with 4 wheel drive. This makes for a good alternative to a larger, more expensive SUV like the ones listed above.

    Ask a dealer for additional information about which SUV is best for you.