• The Best SUVs on the Market: Based on Gas Mileage, Safety, and Price

    Some of the best SUVs on the market are those that get relatively high gas mileage ratings, safety scores and have a comparably low price. SUV mpg ratings can vary tremendously depending upon the type and size of the SUV and whether or not it makes use of hybrid technology. The same fluctuation can be seen in the safety ratings of various SUVs as well, and these vehicles range from the economical and bare bones all the way up to top of the line luxury, so the prices vary quite a bit too. Read on for a brief overview of some of the top sports utility vehicles around at this point in time based upon SUV fuel economy, safety ratings and price.

    Chevrolet Traverse

    The Traverse is consistently rated amongst the best SUVs in the United States. It recently was awarded the title of “Best Family SUV” by Consumer Reports. This vehicle is an excellent combination of all three pieces of criteria by which we’re judging SUVs. The Traverse is roomy without being so heavy that it gets weighed down by low fuel economy. It’s also sturdy and the frame is strong, placing it relatively high in crash test safety ratings. The price of this vehicle is also reasonable, considering the quality of car that you get for your money. While the Traverse is not the cheapest model of SUV available, it is nonetheless a very solid car.

    Honda CR-V

    The CR-V makes use of the economical side of the price spectrum for compact SUVs. This vehicle provides a solid foundation of a car with spacious interior settings and good gas mileage. The price is significantly lower than many other comparably sized vehicles, including the Traverse listed above. However, the Honda CR-V is a minimally designed car that doesn’t contain much in the way of amenities or frivolous luxury items. You can add these on to your car for an additional charge, if you’d like.

    Nissan Rogue

    The Rogue is another mid-size SUV that ranks highly in the three pieces of criteria for this article. The Rogue has been awarded some of the highest safety ratings of all SUVs on the market. Because SUVs are routinely deemed to be safer for crashes than many other vehicles, this is quite an important feat. The smaller size of the Rogue relative to other SUVs also means that it’s less likely to flip or roll. The Rogue is also highly ranked in terms of gas mielage, and this vehicle is environmentally friendly compared to many other SUVs in its class and especially to larger vehicles in the standard or full size SUV category.

    There are many other SUVs available that provide a good mixture of fuel efficiency, safety and good price. Speak with a dealer or a professional in your area for more advice as to which of these vehicles is best for you.