• The Best SUV to Buy Based on Safety Ratings and Consumer Satisfaction

    If you’re looking for the best SUV to buy in terms of safety ratings and customer satisfaction, you’ll have the best luck if you focus primarily on compact and mid-size SUVs. There are several reasons for this. While larger and full size SUVs are also popular among customers of various interest groups, these vehicles are simply not as safe, on the whole, as smaller cars. SUV rollover is a big concern for larger vehicles that are very heavy and capable of accelerating to high speeds. SUV rankings for safety and customer satisfaction are released periodically. For the most up to date information, look up services like Consumer Reports. However, as of this writing, the following are some of the best SUVs in terms of safety and consumer satisfaction ratings.

    Nissan Rogue

    Overall, the Nissan Rogue is one of the top rated SUVs on the market today. This vehicle combines an excellent safety rating with sleek design and commendable gas mileage. The biggest draw to the Rogue is the safety test results, however, it indicates this car is quite a bit safer than any other SUV in its class, or larger. If your primary concern in a vehicle is safety, the Rogue outmatches even some of the smaller, non-SUV vehicles available as well.

    Ford Escape

    The Escape is Ford’s compact SUV. In many respects, this car is similar to the larger Ford Expedition. However, the Escape enjoys both the Expedition’s high approval and satisfaction ratings from consumers as well as the high safety ratings of other smaller Ford vehicles. Ford outfits its vehicles with an excellent airbag system and several other safety precautions that help to make the Escape stand out from amongst its competition. What’s more, most consumers who have purchased an Escape agree this vehicle is an excellent all around choice for a family or individual driver SUV.

    Mercury Mariner

    The Mariner is Mercury’s bid for the top small size SUV spot in the saturated field of vehicles of this type. It rises above many of the other SUVs in terms of safety, but it’s not always the highest rated in terms of customer satisfaction. Generally, ratings of the Mariner swing far to one side or the other. Customers either heartily enjoy driving the vehicle and strongly stand behind Mercury for their product or they dislike the Mercury quite a bit. To determine exactly where you fall, it’s a good idea to test drive one of these vehicles before you make your decision.

    Test driving as many SUVs of various sizes and designs is a good plan, in fact. The only way to truly determine your own preference in a vehicle is to learn about those vehicles for yourself. If you have any additional questions, speak with a dealer or a fellow SUV owner in your neighborhood or community.