• The Best Luxury SUV’s that Offer the Most Leg Room and Space

    When you think of the best luxury SUVs, you probably imagine a vehicle that is comfortable and has seats that allow you to relax and enjoy the ride. A comfortable experience in an SUV not only requires plush seating, there must be ample legroom and space to stretch out. If you are of average height this should not be an issue; however, if you are a tall person finding a vehicle that you are comfortable in can sometimes be a challenge.

    SUVs May Not Be for Really Large People

    If you are looking for vehicles that offer the most head, hip and legroom for drivers, you may want to consider a luxury minivan or a larger model sedan. As large as SUVs can be, they usually aren’t the best choice for really large or tall drivers. However, if you are under 6’7″, there are few SUVs that will be comfortable without modifications to the seat or seating track.

    If you are really tall (in the 6’10” and taller category), you might want to consider a full size pickup truck as they tend to offer more headroom and legroom than most other types of vehicles. With pickup trucks, models that have bucket seats usually offer more legroom than those with a bench type seat. Trucks with an extended cab usually also offer more legroom than standard cab pickups.

    Popular Luxury SUVs for Taller Drivers

    There are garages and specialty shops that can adjust the seating track on almost any type of SUV to provide more legroom for really tall drivers. However, if you are looking for something that work for you right of the dealer’s lot, here are a few luxury SUVs that might interest you:

    • Mercedes GL Class –  This is one of the highest rated luxury SUVs on the road, and offers the most legroom in its class. 52.5 inches of legroom for the driver and nearly 40 inches of legroom for third seat passengers easily make this the most logical choice for drivers up to about 6’8″ in height. With a couple of minor modifications, this vehicle can accommodate drivers over 7 feet tall. Be prepared, however, to pay for the added room because this vehicle sells for between $60,000 – $83,000.
    • Cadillac Escalade or ESV – Both of these SUVs exude luxury and top many luxury SUV reviews as a favorite among consumers and professional reviewers alike. While these Cadillac SUVs don’t offer legroom that comes anywhere close to that of the Mercedes GL class, they are suitable for most taller drivers. Both the Cadillac Escalade and ESV have legroom of 41.3 inches and headroom of 41.1 inches. A fully loaded Escalade or ESV will set you back about $85,000.
    • Land Rover Range Rover – The Range Rover has always been known for the opulence of its interior and its off road capabilities. Although the Range Rover only seats five adults, it does provide ample legroom for driver and passengers. The Land Rover has 39.8 inches of legroom and 39.3 inches of headroom for the driver. A fully loaded Range Rover with the Super Charged engine option will cost you about $95,000.