• The Best Honda Ridgeline Tires: Price vs. Performance

    When thinking of Honda Ridgeline tires you need to think sport-utility-light truck tires. Available in both 18 inch and 17 inch wheel sizes, depending on trim package and options purchased, the Honda Ridgeline sports stylish Steel or Alloy wheels.  This article will compare and contrast tires from three of the top tire manufacturers in relation to price versus performance capabilities. The three tire manufacturers represented in this article will be as follows:

    • Goodyear
    • Michelin
    • BFGoodrich

    Standard Sizes

    There are three models of Honda Ridgeline. These are the RT, RTS and the RTL, with the RTL being the sport package. Stock tire sizes and wheel packages for these three trim packages are as follows:

    • RT-The RT comes standard with 17 inch styled steel wheels and P245/65 R17 tires with a `T’ speed rating.
    • RTS-The RTS comes standard with 17 inch alloy wheels and the same P245/65 R17 tires, also with a `T’ speed rating.
    • RTL-The sport edition of the Ridgeline, the RTL comes with 18 inch alloy wheel and P245/60 R18 tires, that also carry a `T’ speed rating. The `T’ speed rating means the tire has been tested at speed up to 90 miles per hour without failure.

    All tires that come standard on all three trim packages are all season, mud and snow rated. This means that unless you live somewhere like Maine, Vermont, Michigan or somewhere similar, when you buy a Honda Ridgeline, winter tires are every day tires. For almost everywhere in the United States, the standard mud and snow rated all season radials will be all you will need for all seasons. The Ridgeline came standard from the factory with Michelin tires.

    Full Size Spare

    Breaking from Honda tradition, the Honda Ridgeline spare tire is a full-sized tire. The wheel will also be the same size as the rest. This means you won’t look like you’re driving around on the spare if you have to.

    Comparing Brands

    When talking about tires, getting a group of people to decide unanimously on one brand as the best will be quite difficult, to say the least. What’s best for one person may not be for the next. This article will only be able to address the three top makers of tires. 

    • Goodyear-Goodyear is the largest and second oldest tire maker in the world. They are also the most popular. It’s no surprise that most racing sanctioning bodies choose Goodyear over all the rest when specifying tires to use in th

      eir races. The Goodyear Wrangler and Durango are some of the best truck and off-road tires available, though they are about the same price as most other brands normally.
    • Michelin-Michelin comes as standard equipment tire on the Honda Ridgeline. Michelin makes a very good light truck/sport utility tire. However, the Michelin truck tires aren’t as good in off-road conditions as the others. Michelin tires will normally cost you about the same as comparably sized Goodyear tires, and be up to most on-road driving situations.
    • BFGoodrich-Most off-road racers swear by BFGoodrich Radial All-Terrains and Radial T/A’s. This is because of the superior tread design and construction standards of these tires. BFGoodrich makes a wide variety of sport utility and off-road truck tires.  

    In closing, when taking into consideration price and performance data, one could put forth a convincing argument that the Goodyear Wrangler tire line is the best overall tire for your Honda Ridgeline.