• The Best Honda Pilot Tires: Price vs. Performance

    Selecting the best Honda Pilot tires for your vehicle can help it to run smoothly and quietly, and may also improve your overall gas mileage. You’ll also need to research the best Honda Pilot tire sizes and the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle, as both of these factors can make a difference in mileage and overall performance as well. Although experts do not agree generally that there is a single ideal tire for the Honda Pilot, most customers and reviewers have found that the Bridgestone tires that come standard on the Honda Pilot are an excellent choice. What this means is that, unless you have very specific requirements for the tires on your Honda Pilot straight out of the gate after you purchase it, you can probably plan on leaving the factory tires on the vehicle until they need replacement after several tens of thousands of miles. Here are some tips on making the best selection for your Honda Pilot and your budget.

    Michelin Cross Terrain Tires

    One of the highest rated tires for the Honda Pilot is the Michelin brand Cross Terrain model. These tires are all purpose and are suitable for driving in a wide variety of weather and road conditions. Given standard Honda Pilot tire pressure, they are sturdy and reliable, and have an excellent reputation for maintaining their integrity even after ample driving time and mileage. Michelin also offers an excellent warranty package on all tires that it sells, so you can be sure that your investment is protected.

    If you plan on driving your Honda Pilot for an extended period of time, or if you expect that your driving will require your vehicle to go through potentially dangerous or hazardous road conditions, the Michelin Cross Terrains are a great choice. They do tend to be more expensive than some other brands of tires, but the overall performance of the tire makes it a good value nonetheless.

    Firestone Destination LT Tires

    Firestone Destination LT tires are not as expensive as Michelin Cross Terrains, and they consequently do not perform quite as well. They are also sturdy and safe tires, so you can purchase them confidently in regards to safety. However, many drivers have experienced problems with vibration and road noise with these tires.

    General Grabber HTS Tires

    The General Grabber HTS tires also have issues with vibration and noise on the road, like the Firestone tires listed above. Again, these tires do tend to be a good value for the money that you’ll spend on them, but you should not expect to have the same quality of performance as higher grade tires would give.