• The Best Honda Accord Tires: Price vs. Performance

    Determining the best Honda Accord tires is a highly subjective project. The qualities in a tire that 1 person wants and likes may not be liked and wanted by others.  For this purpose, the most useful comparison would be based on price, since performance is another of those subjective grey areas when it comes to grading tires.

    Honda Accord Tire Sizes

    When it comes to tires, you’ll be able to find the right size for a Honda Accord from the dealership, or listed in the owner’s manual, or on the door pillar. Fir the Accord, you’re looking at a relatively average sized tires. Up until recently, P185-60-15 was the average size found on the Accord. However, Honda bowed to the popularity of the bigger wheel recently and made a model with 17-inch wheels stock. This model came from the factory with P255-60ZR-17 tires.

    Performance Ratings

    In the past, you wouldn’t find speed rated tires on a Honda Accord. This is because most people who drove and Accord wouldn’t have felt the need or desire to pay on average an extra $100 per tire for a high speed rated tire. But big wheels, low tire profiles and speed ratings have exploded in popularity in the past 5 years or so. Expensive “V” and “Z” rated tires are no longer the sole domain of speed and performance enthusiasts. The everyday owner/driver now wants speed rated tires.

    Price vs. Performance vs. Tire Size

    Generally speaking, whenever you increase either the speed rating, or performance of a tire, or lower the aspect ratio of the tire, you’re going to start increasing the cost. As the performance capabilities of the tire increase, so does the cost of the materials that go into the tire. While the main ingredients may still be steel, nylon and rubber, the chemical formulations of the nylon and rubber will vary greatly from a standard “T” rated tire to a high speed, high performance “Z” rated tire. Obviously, as you go higher in performance and speed ratings, you will be going higher and higher in price. Contrary to regular, non-performance tires, the higher in performance you go with tires, the less useful tread life you’ll receive. This is because the rubber compounds used in performance tires is of a much softer variety than regular street car tires. With regular street tires, generally speaking, the higher in price you go, the more miles the tire will be rated for. Useful tread life of 30,000 miles for a “V” or “Z” rated tire is very common. On the other hand, useful tread life of up to 60,000 miles for an “S” or “T” rated tire is also quite common.

    Popular Brands

    When looking for tires with your Honda Accord, there are 3 brands that usually rank the highest in popularity with all segments of the motoring public.  All 3 of these manufacturers offer the full range of sizes, speed ratings and tread wear ratings. These 3 most popular brands are as follows:

    • Goodyear – The 2nd oldest tire company in the world. Arguably the most popular. It’s no secret or surprise that most racing sanctioning bodies choose Goodyear for cars running in their sponsored events. Goodyear pricing is usually very competitive with comparable brands, but is usually just slightly higher.
    • Michelin – Michelin is the oldest and second largest tire company in the world. The title of most popular tire, if speaking with an automotive enthusiast, will either go to Michelin or Goodyear. Michelin tires will normally cost about the same as Goodyear tires.
    • Pirelli – Pirelli is one of the most popular tires throughout the world. Pirelli offers very good performance tires but at a slightly higher price than the other popular brands.

    Dollar for dollar, most people are going to tell you that their tire of preference is going to be a Goodyear tire.