• The Best Cars to Lease for the Lowest Car Payment and Buy Back Options

    The best cars to lease are those that are considered to have a high residual or resale value at the end of the lease term. Understand the fact that leasing a car is different from actually buying it, and the lease amount should not be compared to the actual loan amount. Cars with the lowest depreciation are usually cheaper to lease than most, but the cheapest car may not be the cheapest to lease at all.

    This is again due to the fact that a lease will be dependent on the estimated lease end resale value of the car. Small cars or sub compacts could be priced cheaper than a regular compact, but this does not necessarily translate to a cheaper lease amount. When applying for a loan to buy the car, then the cheapest car in the market will give you cheaper monthly payments. 

    The Best Cars to Lease

    It is a fact that the Japanese manufacturer Honda enjoys a higher resale value than comparable models in the same price range. The quirky Honda Fit scores high in fuel efficiency and is generally regarded to have a high lease end value. Other models in this price range are the Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio. All these sub compacts are available for a monthly lease value of around $200. Small cars are all the rage nowadays and are considered the best way to fight the high price of gas (save for a hybrid.)


    The compact car buyer would do well with the new Toyota Corolla, as this model can be availed for a monthly lease of around $150 depending on the amount of down payment. The Honda Civic fits well in this category also. Similar models like the Ford Focus and Mitsubishi Lancer provide more style points for a higher lease value. 

    Mid Size Sedan

    The Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Audi A4 are the bestsellers in their respective class and are included in the best cars to lease for 2010. These mid sized sedans are the epitome of comfort, performance and style. The Audi A4 in particular is available in wide variety of engine options that include the famous diesel models. Lovers of locomotive-induced torque will do well with an A4 TDI.

    CUV and SUV

    The Lexus RX 350, Toyota Rav 4 and Honda Pilot are regarded as the best cars to lease in the compact and sport utility category. The Audi Q7 and Jeep Wrangler are also favorites among car enthusiasts who need the reassuring stance of an SUV coupled with low lease payments. 

    Car dealers often have special lease deals to make the product more enticing to the potential car buyer. These deals would include discounts and freebies that offer a very affordable lease payment in exchange for an affordable down payment. It is in this regard that a lease payment is similar to a monthly loan payment, as the amount of down payment will ultimately dictate the actual monthly payments for the car. Visit the nearest dealer or check the Internet for new deals to get the lowest monthly payment on your lease.