• The Best Brands to Look at for V6 SUV Performance

    When you think of a V6 SUV, you automatically rule out any large and full size vehicles. Practically without exception, SUV engines in full size sports utility vehicles are V8. Those that have smaller engines will simply not be able to compete against their faster, more powerful competition. In fact, the V6 engine is sluggish and not powerful enough to even carry the weight of a full size vehicle. There are a number of reasons to opt for a vehicle with a V6 engine. In terms of SUV miles per gallon, these vehicles get much better ratings than the larger alternatives. Additionally, V6 engines are smaller, allowing for a lighter car.

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    Lexus RX Series

    The RX series, in production since 1999, has had several different unique trim types and models. The common bond between these vehicles is the overall design of the car, which is almost sedan-like. However, this mid-size SUV has the power of a larger vehicle. The V6 engine has 220 horsepower. Though there is all wheel drive capability, this series of vehicle is generally not recommended for off road driving. Nonetheless, it makes for a smooth, powerful and comfortable ride.

    Toyota Highlander

    Toyota’s mid-size SUV is one of the most popular vehicles on the market in its class, and with good reason. The engine is powerful enough for the car but remains quiet. It handles well and is highly responsive to any driving choices. Additionally, this vehicle is quite spacious, with plenty of room for up to 7 passengers and additional cargo. The Highlander is also available in a hybrid version, which is beneficial because it thus gets much better gas mileage ratings than many other mid-size and full size vehicles of the same type.

    Honda MDX

    The MDX is Honda’s luxury level mid-size SUV. This car provides an absolutely wonderful ride for the money, with a smoothly flowing engine and an independent suspension system that reduces nearly all bumps and roughness from the ride. It’s a very popular choice for this reason. Additionally, the MDX comes equipped with a full range of luxury amenities, and the price tag is somewhat more reasonable than other luxury brands and particular luxury models of mid-size SUV as well.

    Honda CR-V

    The single cheapest and most economical version of the SUV is the Honda CR-V. This compact crossover vehicle provides the very basics needed for a smooth SUV driving experience. It does not feature any of the more deluxe luxury options available in many other SUVs as a standard set of features. Rather, you can have any amenities that you’d like to have installed done so by selecting different trim models. Still, the CR-V provides a surprisingly powerful and smooth ride for a V6 engine.

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    Consult with a dealer or another professional in your area for additional advice in selecting the best mid-size or compact SUV with a V6 engine for you. Test drive to be sure of your choice.