• Taking Advantage of Used Car Rental Sales

    Everyone who commutes needs a car for basic transportation, and there is an area of sales that is often overlooked by the standard auto buyer: used car rental sales. This untapped source of lower-priced used vehicles must also be checked closely by buyers if they want to save money.

    Used Car Companies Buy in Bulk

    Although one usually does not think about car rental companies as sources of used vehicles, it makes perfect sense. Used car vehicle companies schedule sales or auctions right at their own sites, usually located near downtown areas or airports. Because the car rental companies buy in bulk – used car fleet sales are jealously sought by many dealers in cities across the nation – they can also give you the advantage in price breaks that they receive by buying in bulk.

    How much can you save because of this bulk sales break? It’s hard to say because it differs with manufacturer and the fleet deals that are set up for new vehicles, but you can expect that you will generally find car rental sales will be 30 to 40 percent less expensive than single-car deals. It’s a matter of their buying in bulk.

    Used Car Companies Keep Their Rolling Stock in Good Condition

    A car that is  out of commission is lost revenue to a car rental firm, so you can be certain that each car rental office will work closely with local dealership service shops to ensure their rolling stock receives proper maintenance at factory recommended intervals. Not only is this a good business practice, but it is also a sensible because a car that isn’t rolling isn’t collecting commission money, and that means a loss not only to the company, but to the local rental car sales manager. If it happens often enough it will probably mean his job.

    Translating this to you it means that you will be getting a vehicle that has had all of its important service points hit, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and this further means that if there is warranty left on the vehicle (often the case, given today’s longer warranty periods), it means that you gain the advantage of a vehicle that is not only well maintained but is still covered by warranty.

    Car Brokers Worth Their Commission

    This is not a blanket statement because each automaker’s warranty terms differ, but it is a distinct possibility that you should discuss with a used car sales broker. Often employed by the used car companies themselves, the sales broker knows which firms are conducting sales and when and where they will be held.  It makes sense to avail of this service because one cannot know where and who to call to find out exactly when the rental cars will be sold. They will also know which vehicles are loaded and more desirable, and which are bare-bones; they’ll steer you toward the vehicle that offers the best deal for your money.