• Steering Wheel Knob: Installation, Popular Types. Disability Driving

    If you have a disability of some kind that prevents you from being able to operate a standard steering wheel, or if you regularly drive with someone who has a condition of this type, you may find that investing in a steering wheel knob is a good use of your time and money. Steering wheel hand controls are one of the most common tools used to aid in disability driving. They can substitute for a standard steering wheel for people who have a hard time grasping the normal wheel. The result is that people who otherwise may not have been able to drive are able to do so comfortably. Read on for a bit of information about these knobs.

    Installing a Steering Wheel Knob

    There are several brands of steering wheel knobs that are available for sale at this point in time. Most of them operate in the same basic way. The knob is attached to the steering wheel itself and connected to the sensors that the steering wheel feeds into. At the time that the knob is activated, the steering wheel is fixed in place so that it becomes unusable. The knob then substitutes for the wheel.

    Installing a steering wheel knob is best left up to an expert or a professional from one of the manufacturing companies. You may also wish to ask a mechanic in your area for assistance. However, most mechanics are unfamiliar with the procedure of installing a knob of this type, so it’s usually preferable to consult with an experienced service person. You may also attempt to install the knob on your own. However, beware you’ll need to take apart some parts of the dash in order to fully access the computer, so you can connect the knob to the relevant parts of the control system.

    Popular Types

    The single most popular brand of steering wheel knob is made by a manufacturer called MobilityWorks. There are several other brands that exist as well. Some of the other types of knobs are fitted aside from the steering wheel. Others still replace the steering wheel entirely. This situation is best if no one who will make use of a standard steering wheel is planning to drive the car.

    Disability Driving

    It’s important to remember that the rules of the road are exactly the same, whether you use a standard steering wheel or a steering wheel knob. Steering wheel knobs are quite a bit more sensitive than regular steering wheels. They have been known to contribute heavily to traffic accidents that come about when the operator oversteers without trying to. Therefore, it’s important you take a good amount of time to fully learn about how to control the steering wheel knob you have installed in your vehicle before you take it out on the road.

    If you have any other questions, speak with a professional in your area. Steering wheel knobs can be ordered online or found at certain specialty auto body and repair shops.